Why Vegan Ethics Are Skewed

mage © LGL Green

So, after watching a few videos I’m confused.

Vegans do not consume animals or animal by-products. So everything from meat to honey is out. They consume only plant matter. They say they do this because animals have their own purpose in life, which is not to be slaves to humans or be used for human consumption. But, the question arises, are plants supposed to be enslaved and domesticated by humans? We’ve already found out that domestication of plants makes them more susceptible to being killed, because they are concentrated. So we have genetically modified them to be pest-resistant and they are poisoning people….

So, should we eat a bunch of enslaved plants or enslaved animals? Just because plants don’t scream when you kill them doesn’t mean that they don’t react to it. It’s in a different way, with chemistry, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. We grind up hundreds of thousands of square miles of plants a year just in the U.S., who is to say that those plants didn’t have a bigger, more natural purpose.

Now, I illustrate this point not to tell you to become a carnivore or to hate vegans, but to understand that we are omnivores who have to eat previously living things to survive. I believe in farming ethically and if I could afford it or had a home, I would raise my own meat and most of my own vegetation, but I can’t at this point. However, I choose to balance my meals based on nutrition and good eating standards, not a passing fad or skewed ethics.

It’s time someone stood up for plants, because they deserve it too. Farming crops causes more damage to this planet than animal farming ever could through the use of fossil fuels and the destruction of land. We use up the topsoil and turn the center of the country into a fallow wasteland, but no one seems to care. But, if you kill a bunny and eat it, by god, someone will come and protest in your front yard.

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Living things are to be respected, but in order to live, you have to eat them, that’s just how it is. No amount of thinking will change the way the natural world works. If humans find a way around it, then it will die and be forgotten, then you can have your nourishment pills once a day and forget food ever had to be harvested.

Think before you jump onto some fad and become vegan, or vegetarian, or carnivorous or whatever. There is always someone who suffers.


As always, may the odds be ever in your favor.



UPDATE: “Nature Intended” Arguments are invalid, since you, nor no one else, knows what nature intended originally. Religion, also, does not apply. We are talking about facts here. Also, please have a basic understanding of ecosystems and biology before telling me things that are not true for the sake of your argument.


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  1. First, eating dead animals is not eat living things. Plants are alive even after the are disconnected from the root. Second, animals are living creatures that build bonds and friendships, learn and teach, as well as feel pain and pleasure. When you kill an animal you only prevent them from attaining what nature gave to them. When you eat a plant you offer it more. As they say, you are what you eat and when I eat a plant two things happen. The body breaks down the parts of the plant it can use and integrates it into the body. This means the plant becomes a part of the body and a part of the physical experience. As long as one takes care of the body, then they are taking care of the plants they have eaten because the plants become a part of them. The second thing that happens is anything the body could not use is released to fertilize other plants and help them grow healthy so they can make others healthy and be apart of that health as well.
    Plants were intended to help support the health of the animate life on earth which is why nature did not design them with pain receptors which would motivate them to adapt in a way to prevent being eating. They are in no way adapting in ways that prevent them from being eaten so this shows nature intended for them to be. Animals on the other hand have pain receptors and they do adapt environments where they are likely targets of being eaten. This shows that nature did not design animals to be eaten because nature would not have designed animals in a way that would cause them to conflict and go against the original purpose of design.
    Plants are still alive when they are harvested but the only way to eat an animal is to kill it. And the only way to kill it is to ignore the conscious (compassion and empathy) nature instilled in all animate creatures to preserve the sense of respect and equality required to maintain peace and happiness which is the original purpose of the design (the universe). Plants were naturally designed to support the health of the body when needed, animals (which included humans) were not designed or intended by nature to be eaten or conflict with one another because the entire design was intended to support and maintain each other, not oppose, conflict with, and destroy each other.

    1. First off, let me correct you, animal cells are still living when we eat them, if they were dead, it would be rotten. Just because they are not a cohesive organism anymore does not mean they are dead. True, when you freeze them they die, but plants are the same way. Just because pork doesn’t start sprouting piglets, doesn’t mean the cells are dead. Then we have the problem if you detach a pigs head, we agree it’s dead. But if you detach a plant from it’s roots, isn’t it the same thing?
      Secondly, you have no idea what nature intended because no one has ever had a conversation with nature. Please, if you have her phone number, let me know, I have questions.
      Thirdly, animals are specifically engineered by natured to eat other animals, it is evident in their digestive systems, their body makeup and their biology in general.
      Fourth-ly? In eating animals, you take that animal into your body, absorb its nutrients and then it becomes fertilizer later, as you so eloquently put it. That animal lives on within you if such a notion pleases you. And then it becomes part of the great circle of life.
      Now that we have finished that disney movie, lets talk about the compassion part. Many people on this planet make their animals and plants lives as good as they can be, then, out of respect and compassion for that creature, use every single part so that life is not wasted. One life sustains another.
      You CANNOT argue that a plant dies when you eat it, to do so would be folly. You choose to ignore the fact that plants work in a complex ecosystem that supports other plants and animals and they provide necessary chemical changes that this planet must have to survive, mainly oxygen. You choose to ignore that plants are alive and react to being injured just like animals do, it is just not visible. If you were an insect, you would know a field was harvested from 50 miles away, but you’re not, you’re human and therefore you cannot see the damage you do.

      Plants bleed, plants react to injury and plants struggle to survive just like anything else. To say that one life is more important that another is ignorant and against vegan ethics, therein lies the hypocrisy. We live in a complex ecosystem that is constantly on the edge of chaos.

      I suppose we should also force our carnivorous animals to be vegan? See if a fox or a lion or a dog survives on an all vegan diet, because they won’t. What you know about what nature intended is skewed and false. Any biology 101 professor will tell you that.

      And, to finish this off, you will notice that I wrote to survive, we have to eat things that WERE ONCE living, so please, don’t misquote me, then twist your misquote to prove a point.

  2. Taiylor Wallace says:

    We as humans have become so unnatural and out of sync with the order of the world. If I were to venture a guess at what nature HAD intended, I wouldn’t think it’d be what we created. We need only look back at our ancestors and what we understand about them to know what our diets are supposed to look like. We were hunters and gatherers from the beginning because whenever we couldn’t get a big enough haul of meat or fruits and vegetables, we had to supplement the debt with the other. If we had only eaten plant matter back then, we’d be extinct. The only reason vegans and vegetarians can do it today (with extra vitamins and protein) is because we grossly overfarm. When we switched to agriculture, it was because we’d hunted the giants among our prey to extinction and had to balance our diet further toward plants. But back then, we were required to grow only in places where there were fertile plains alongside rivers, such as those found in southern Europe and Northern Africa. Now that we can grow unabated anywhere thanks to being able to draw water from deep underground (thanks to machines and technology) we grow things in places that they were never originally growing in. Places that were once huge grasslands and forests for roaming herbivores have been reduced to dust which we till up every year with masses of cattle manure to scratch a crop field out of it, aided by poisonous chemicals that are causing cancers and sickness.
    We eat unnaturally no matter our diet thanks to gross overpopulation of the human race, but the more of us who try to naturalize our diet to well-treated livestock, wild game, and poison and chemical-free crops, the more of us who will be healthy and not pass on awful diseases. The current trend of Vegetarianism seems foolish from my perspective, particularly because its flawed logic dictates that eating an animal is abuse or monstrous or ‘less-than-human’. But there are some who don’t eat meat in order to cut down on the amount of cattle being raised. That I get, but that doesn’t mean you need to cut meat as a whole out of your diet. Veganism for the sake of the animals is even more foolish, cutting out all animal products which us humans have needed for millenniums. Veganism for health reasons is understandable, but not needed.
    If a person is so concerned with the treatment of animals, then why not buy local or from a place you know? Small and local farms tend to treat their animals much more humanely, and they often taste better to boot thanks to the farmer putting thought into not the cheapest feed, but the most healthy. Such treatment is why Kobe beef is so prized, because the cattle roam free with grass to eat, and are even given beer to relax them. And for well-raised crops alike if you are so concerned for ethical treatment as Ben is, small farms tend to have crops with more safely-raised plants not drowned in poisons and not grown from dangerously genetically-modified seeds (though I wouldn’t trust soybeans anymore from anywhere thanks to Monsanto’s patent of the genetic code). What they tend to grow comes from saved seeds from good crops, no small farmer worth their salt replants seeds from a bad crop when they’re growing for the sake of a more natural food.
    Overall, I suggest supporting local food co-ops and small businesses, especially such places that sell halal and Jewish kosher because they have strict standards on where their meat comes from and how it is processed. Farmers’ markets are great places, and so are butchers and co-op stores for the best treatment of the food and the living things they came from.
    (Thanks Ben)

    1. The past will tell you what your present is but it will not tell you what it is supposed to be. Your ancestors are the reason you are what you are. Understanding your ancestry will only show you how you got where you are now but it can not tell you were you should be or could be. When a train derails, it breaks away from its original path. The longer it stays derailed, the farther it gets from the path it was meant to take. Even if all steps are traced back to before being derailed, it will not tell you where the road would have led you thus studying and understanding the past will only tell you how you got where you are but it will not tell you where you should be. This planet has been derailed from the original path nature designated to it-that is why this planet is dying. Because the life on earth is no longer following the wisdom of nature which designed all things and designed all things to function properly. Earth is malfunctioning. Everything you are seeing is a part of that malfunction.
      Those who look to the past for answers, are destined to repeat it.
      Eating meat is in no way required and in fact the nutrients of plants are more effective and more easily assimilated and integrated (less taxing to the body). There is no nutrient that you get from meat that cannot be attained from plants. Also because of the vast difference in structure and formation, plants are absorbed better and the effectiveness of what is absorbed is a great deal more of that of meats. In fact, meat is harder to digest, process, and integrate making plants the most valuable and agreeable nutrient source. Meat takes more effort and energy to digest, is harder to process and integrate, requires more energy to integrate, and the rate and level of absorption is significantly lower than that of plants. You may want to reevaluate your earlier statement of meat being required.

      1. Taiylor Wallace says:

        To not take lessons from the past is what dooms you to failure. We don’t follow the past to the T, we take teachings from it. Plants cannot supply everything we need, regardless of how easy their energy and nutrients are to absorb. We don’t need the amount of meat that most people consume today, that much is true (in fact we should all take a lesson from common Chinese and Japanese and Thai cuisine where rice and noodles make up the foundation of a meal and meat is consumed in only a few ounces each day). But last I checked, I have not yet seen a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet that has everything you need without the addition of supplements. The truth of the matter is that humans are omnivorous. We can’t get everything from one side and have a truly balanced diet. For example B12 is a vitamin found in no plant except certain types of algae, which means that currently, a majority of vegans and vegetarians are deficient. It’s an incredibly important vitamin that is involved in every function in the body and is the most important factor of the creation of blood and brain cells.

        There’s also Animal protein, without which most vegans suffer effects to their body composition because it plays a key part in muscle and bone health. Carnosine, which adds to longevity and slows degeneration due to age, is only found in meat. And there’s DHA which is primarily found in meat and is the most active version of Omega-3. The plant version called ALA is extremely inefficient by comparison.

        However, I don’t think the ‘meat is harder to digest and use’ argument holds any water at all. All different foods can be easier or harder to digest, and it stands to reason anyway that meat is tougher because of its composition. Have you ever compared the texture of meat to, say, lettuce? Meat is muscle, which has to be dense and tough to do its job flexing and extending, pulling with tendons to bend joints. They’re amazing things and their nutritional value far outweighs the fact that it’s a little harder to chew and digest. For a truly healthy lifestyle, I believe meat IS required, else you’re suffering a nutritional imbalance which can result in your being more susceptible to all the nasty things that are out there to make you sick.

        And just for an addition, our hunting is still an important part of the world’s ecosystem, keeping populations such as deer from overexpanding since we killed off all the predators for fun.

  3. When I say that plants are still alive, I mean the the plant is still functioning as a whole and in many ways continues functions in the same manner until all resources are completely exhausted. The plant only reaches a point of death once it has used all resources to preserve itself in the chance of reconnecting to a food source. When an animal is killed, the body stops functioning as a whole entirely and the cells no longer function to sustain any systems within it to preserve or support any part of the body, unlike most plants which will preserve the most valuable part of the plant (normally the root or fruit for seeds) by sending the last bits of resources to the valued part. The cells of the plant still function as a whole which is why they are integrated easier into the body which requires cells that are programmed to function as a whole. The cells of dead animals or not only more complex (making them harder to integrate) but their programming that supports functioning as a whole damaged. This also makes integration harder for the cells of the body and can pose problems even after the cell is integrated. The cells of the body are taxed more because the cells of dead animals are damaged and greatly deplete of energy cells need to function so the cells of the body can only integrate the cells by giving energy required to reprogram and replenish the cells integrated. Plants are more bio-active and the nutrients are more bio-available (easier to integrate) because the body was intended to integrate them. They still function as a whole, they are less complex, and they still have a great deal of energy stored with the plant. This makes integration more easy and less taxing for the body. This is why eating plant nutrients are more effective than eating twice the amount of any nutrient contained in meat.
    Also, it is not wise to tell someone what they do not know. Just because you are not aware of something doesn’t mean no one else is.
    One thing you may learn is that by understanding a creation one begins to understand the creator. We are but products of nature but those who do not understand themselves can in no way understand nature. The more you understand yourself, the more you will understand nature. You are telling me I don’t know natures intent. You believe this because you don’t know and see no way for anyone else to. This indicates you do not understand nature-you do not understand yourself. Why is it so hard for you to accept that nature can be understood?
    Animals adapted and the adaptations led them to their current state. But here is something to remember; just because a thing functions, that does not mean it functions how it was intended to. I said that all all natures designs are reflected in the functions and behaviors of nature itself. I did not say that the design could not fail or be interfered with. It takes a keen awareness to distinguish the difference between what exist and what was meant to exist. Just because animals eat meat, does not mean they were meant to.
    Also, the animal does not live on because the life of the animal was stripped when it was killed. The body of the animal contained cells that were designed and suited for the animals body and are considered gifts and assets for and to the animal. All life is a gift. The body is a part of the gift. It was given for each to appreciate and enjoy. But when an animal is killed, their gift is stripped from them and their assets are robbed by those who feel more deserving than the one they robbed. This is an act of injustice. Each gift is to be appreciated and allowed to be appreciated.
    Compassion comes from those who are humble and have respect and empathy. Those who kill animals are not compassionate and those who kill and say they are, are delusional and are only attempting to justify their actions to lessen the experience of guilt. In all truth, they are without compassion and are afraid to admit it because they do not want to recognize their shadow and admit it belongs to them.
    I never said plants were not necessary or important. And I never said being eaten was their only purpose for their design. Nor did I say that plants were dead. Also I did not say that plants were meant to be harvested, used, and abused the way they are today.
    Again, I did not say a plants life was not important. I stated that plants and animals have a different purpose and reason. Plants are actually communicators and are a key to proper development and evolution. Plants collect information form the soil which is connected to the entire planet. The information stored within the cells can be processed and integrated into the body which assist with the evolution and harmonizes the body with the planet to increase the effectiveness of each body on the planet.
    Carnivorous animals cannot be forced to do anything but the given the proper changes and developments, all life on earth could be gradually shifted into a less conflicting and more sustainable and peaceful environment.

    1. Please god read a biology book. Animal cells do not die instantly when you kill the animal. They are processed in such a way that the cells are preserved. Again, if you are eating dead animal meat, you must be eating roadkill that’s been there for a few days. So, when you say they have no energy left, you are wrong, they do. That is was constitutes freshness.

      Alright, I stopped reading when this became sermon. To not know what nature intended is an experience shared by all the human race. You can attack me personally and say I don’t know myself, but the fact is, this is just a sad attempt at trying to make yourself right. This is not a theological argument, it’s about facts. So, please go talk to people who care about your touchy-feely finding yourself nonsense.

      Shifting all the animals to a vegan diet will never happen and will kill them. There is your error, you are human and you think you control everything. YOU DO NOT CONTROL NATURE and no matter how hard you try, you cannot force it to change. Humans have only succeeded in destroying it. To change a system with no damage to that system is impossible.

      This has been a wonderful trip through weirdness, but the claims you are making are ridiculous and silly. This is not the bible, this is not neverland, this is not a fantasy, this is real life and all your ideas are fantasy.

      1. Again, you are hearing something other than what is being said. I did not say that the cells of a dead animal die, I said they stop functioning as a whole entirely. I also said, they become damaged and deplete of energy required to sustain systematic functions which is why all functions of the body shut down. This is due two evident reason and one that has not yet been discovered. For now I will address the two reasons already discovered-the heart and brain. The heart is responsible for generating a great deal of magnetism within the body. This magnetism influences the entire and influences cellular behavior and function. When the heart stops, the cells lose that magnetic influence and the behaviors and functions that it was used to sustain are greatly reduced. One of these functions happens to be a specific level of cellular communication required for the cells to function as a whole. The brain is also a major influence to the behavior and function of each cell. When a body dies, the brain stops functioning. The brain is required for a great deal of things and one of those things is distributing energy throughout the body to cells to support specific cellular behaviors and functions. Though the energy the brain distributes, differs from the energy that emanates from the heart. The nervous system is responsible for distributing energy as well as regulating and communicating energetic transfers between cells through the body to keep all systems functioning as a whole. When the brain stops the cells stop communicating and functioning as a whole. The longer the communication is down, the more data and memory is lost. This is why the longer a body goes deprived of a heartbeat and brain activity (clinical death) the less chance of restoring and repairing specific cellular and organ functions. Once the body is dead for so long, cellular and organ functions can no longer be repaired. Memories program the cell and determine behavior and function. The memory requires energy to be activated and when the energy is deprived the memory stops being active. The longer the memory is not active, the more of it is lost like memories of the human brain after death. The cells lose memory and thus they lose the programming. The program is what the cells rely on to communicate and function as a whole. This is the cellular damage I was talking about. When the body breaks down these cell, the body can only use them and integrate them after they have been repaired and reprogrammed. Thus the cells of the living body can only use and integrate cells of the dead by spending energy to repair and reprogram them. Even after the cell is repaired and reprogrammed, it still has potential to revert back to its former state which harms cellular systems and can do a great deal of damage to the body.
        To not know what nature intended is an experience shared by those who have lost their connection to nature and lost the ability to communicate with and interpret its meanings. What you are saying is not unexpected though. If the world were full of blind people and suddenly there was born a person with vision, the majority would likely claim the person was lying or delusional simply because the person claims to experience something they collectively do not. Because the majority of humanity functions with a mob mentality and is unwelcome to change, they will tend to oppose, resist, or deny any change that presents itself, especially when the change is for the better because in order for them to accept that things are beginning to function properly, they must accept that they are not.
        Stating what animals will or will never do is an act reserved for those who speak for nature and those who speak for nature are those who are connected to it. Those who are not connected and do not understand it, have no right, authority, or qualification to speak for it. And again, you have misinterpreted me. I did not say that I control nature. Nor am I trying to. Reading, understanding, interpreting, and translating nature is not the same as controlling it.
        Also, for the record, I am not a participant of any religious or non religious sect or group.

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