Witchy Wednesday: Animal Spirit Guides

Is Witchy Wednesday a dumb name? I’m not sure, but I think it’s gonna stay for now. I want to make this a regular thing!

animal spirit guides wicca witchcraft shaman shamanism pagan(I could not find the artist…I apologize)

So, animal spirit guides. Something more than a few people dabble in. I think most people liken themselves to an animal to either simplify their personality or as a wish to be more like that animal. We even use them to name people in society, although most of them are sexual (bears, otters, cougars, etc.). There is something about raw animalism that humans crave and I would venture to guess that, deep down, it’s an instinct to be more in tune with nature. We are so far removed from nature today that we crave that interaction, whether we realize where that craving stems from or not. So, don’t shirk the idea of animal guides, it’s not like they follow you around (although some claim they do). Having an animal guide is like having a constant symbol of who you wish to be or how you want to better yourself. It helps you make decisions with foresight and in line with your personal moral/ethical code. It might even be a good idea to choose one for yourself, but lets read up on them first.

Animal spirit guides are most commonly practiced in the Native American tribes. I wouldn’t say it started there, but I would say that they were probably one of the most dedicated groups of practitioners. Spirit guides are tools and friends in Shamanic practices, usually helping the shaman travel to the otherworld and helping him heal his people. Some shamans even have different animal guides for different kinds of work they are performing. Many old tribes used to live by animal totems. If you have ever seen Disney’s Brother Bear, you know what I’m talking about. In that movie, and in life, people were given totems to show them their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. Whether from a great spirit, a god or anything else, people have always needed guidance and craved it. People have always wanted help making decisions that would influence their lives in a positive way.

With these guides, people have shaped their lives for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Animals teach us to be in tune with our instincts and their symbolism teaches us to listen and be wise in our decisions. Next time you feel you have a connection, explore it, learn what it means and see if it doesn’t line up with how you want to live your life.

I’ll put a few examples of animals below here, but if you want to learn more, search around, stop by the library and read up on the subject. It’s very compelling and interesting.

Animal: Deer
-ability to listen
-gentle, gracious
-knows there are many paths to a single outcome

Animal: Bear
-Wise and a visionary
-Change and Transformation

Animal: Horse
-Power, stamina
-Freedom and Travel
-Friendship and Guardian

Animal: Coyote (this one is considered the “antihero” who makes it more possible to observe ourselves, native american folklore)
-Shape-shifter, but teaches us that wearing masks will never get us in touch with the “source”
-Teaches us to laugh at our own mistakes
-Intelligence and Stealth

Well, there, you have a taste, go find out more!

As always, may the odds be ever in your favor.


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