Witches are people too

wicca black cat cauldron

So, for almost my entire life (well, 2/3 of it), I have been studying many different types of religions, but I found early on that I was attracted to earth-based religions. At first, I was a kid who wanted to do “harry potter” magic, but I soon found a much deeper connection to the earth and planet and forgot all about silly magic tricks. Since then, I haven’t been able to tack myself down to a single religion, but most would label me Pagan, if not Wiccan/Shaman.

Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday.
Yes, I have a black cat.
No, I have not figured out how to ride a broom yet. If I could, I wouldn’t have a car payment or buy gas.

So, out of these experiences I have grown and come to appreciate all life on this planet. I also give thanks that the sun comes up everyday and keeps us all alive and that the stars and moon grace us with their beauty (and keep our gravitational forces in check). I guess, even though I know the science behind things, the world is full of magical things that happen everyday, which is why I choose to relish in their beauty and observe them. It’s not about magic tricks, it’s about being connected to the thing that keeps you alive and gives you life on a daily basis.

herbal soy candleherbal soy candleherbal soy candle witch wicca witchcraft

Well, out of these studies, I have adopted some ritual habits. I make my own candles now and sell them on my Etsy Shop, Terra Salts. We like to help out the pagan community too with their ritual needs (just click here if you want to look!).

ritual cleansing salt wicca

Bath Salts are also very important, because one uses them to cleanse their body before a ritual, which, makes sense because salts detoxify your skin, help you relax and can start the meditation process before even doing anything! (we make these too!) Salt is also used in many other religions to create holy water or to protect people from evil. It’s a very ancient tradition that still stands today.

“Only a circle of salt can protect thy victim from thy power.” -if you can name that movie, brownie points to you!

addams family morticia

So, although we aren’t what you would call “normal”, we are just people like everyone else. Some of us learn to be herbalists, while others try to communicate with the afterlife, there is a whole range! Some of us, like me, become kitchen witches and potion makers (lotions, foods, soaps, recipes, etc.). We all have our calling and we use it to the best of our ability.

magick magic cauldron witch

I really wish I had one of these.

So, live and let live, fairly take and fairly give. Even if we don’t practice out of the same book, we are all here to live in our own way and hopefully help others along the way to enjoy their lives and this beautiful planet we live on.

As always, may the odds be ever in your favor.



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  1. Have you read the book “To Ride a Silver Broomstick”? You may find it an interesting book

    1. I have read some of her books and I don’t really like Silver Ravenwolf to be honest…I’m more of a Scott Cunningham type of person. Silver’s is good if you want a quick overview, but I like the ones that are more in depth.

      Right now though, I’m stuck on Druidism and Shamanism and reading up on those!

      1. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to follow a single idea. Just follow what your heart tells you to do. I have found that most beliefs all have the same basic ideas.

        Unless you are “trying to fit into” a group. Just keep reading. Herbalist type books may be more in line of what you are looking for.

        Good luck on your research 🙂

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