My first batch of cheese!! I have a lot to learn…

Items Needed

So, I gave cheese making a shot and it turned out well, but I am definitely no master. This is gonna take some time! When I get it figured out, I’ll put the recipe up, but it’s only 4 ingredients.
A Gallon of Milk (I used 2% but whole is the richest for cheese)
Citric Acid

See? So simple. Right….that’s what I thought.

Rennet and Citric Acid

Measuring was the easy part and dissolving the acid and rennet.

Milk warming up

Warming the milk was fine. It went smoothly

.The Curd

Now, the curd came up really nicely. But then I started to have a problem. First off, I tried to use a strainer and lost a bunch of cheese. Then I used cheese cloth and got it alright.

Cheese Cooling

Then you have to heat the cheese in water until it stretches and melts. And little did I know, but hot cheese sticks to ANYTHING! Even when it’s totally underwater. Ugh….really. So difficult. I finally scraped most of it out and had to knead it to get it to stretch and  get glossy like mozzarella usually is.

Finished Cheese

Then I balled it up and dunked it in cold water to solidify it and viola~! Cheese! So, the cheese was done and you know what I didn’t do, like an idiot? I didn’t salt it hardly at all and I over worked it when I was kneading. The cheese was hard and dry like the stuff you can buy at the store, which works, but not what I wanted AND it’s bland as all get out….

It was great on some tacos we had and on salads, and would be good for pizza, but to eat it alone or make it a main ingredient, it needs some FLAVOR! I’ll try whole milk next time and see if that helps.

It was a fun experience and I’m wiser for it, can’t wait to get to the next batch!

Also, for the frugal people out there, I had to invest 15$ to make the cheese, but only $3 occurs every time and the recipe produces a pound of cheese. So, if you check in the store in the “Artisan Cheese” section for mozzarella, it’s about $3 for 6 oz. So really, by making my own cheese, I save about $5 per pound, which is awesome! Also, no preservatives, not hormones, nothing. Even my rennet and milk are organic, so it’s all good!


Just thought I would share!

As Always, may the odds be ever in your favor!



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  1. I think it’s like pie crust or tortillas, the more you make it, the easier it gets. I read a great book on vegan cheese too. Keep trying!

    1. I’ve made it a couple more times since this, it gets easier every time!

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