A bump in the road…

We got bad news back from the mortgage company today, our credit scores suck. Not that I wasn’t anticipating this, but it just means more work and a harder search for financing. I’m definitely not giving up yet. We were trying to go with a big name company and they have really high standards, so we’re going to have to search more local/smaller.

We were both really frustrated yesterday because the reason we can’t afford to pay our bills is because we have to live in an overpriced apartment and we have one of the cheapest ones in the city!! We’re paying more for an apartment than my dad pays on his 150k house a month. We had a night in and were both very upset/frustrated, but with today we have a new outlook. We’re gonna keep searching and we’re gonna find someone to finance us. The only way we can ever hope to get out of debt is to get out of this apartment. So, we will leave this place, whatever it takes.


In other news, we did find some homes we like, and we’re still really excited about going to see some of them this winter.

I finally put myself out there doing graphic design, you can see it “here” if you like.

The beans will probably get transplanted today or tomorrow, I’m not sure yet, but they are getting a little too big for their containers.

See you next time and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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  1. Don’t give up! Just the right place is out there waiting for you!

    1. We won’t. I know after the housing market crash everyone’s credit plummeted. So I know there are places that can help us, it will just take a bit more work! But I’m trying to start a home and a homestead, I welcome hard work!

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